Man jailed for robbing Jose Mourinho's house... while he was still inside!

Jonathan Tzvi Machlin - dimanche 24 juillet 2016 24 Likes

Not even The Special One is immune to the ambitions of a common criminal.

Last week Manchester United manager Jose Mourinho was the victim of an attempted burglary, and watched as an intruder was arrested in front of his own window.

According to the Telegraph and Sun Sport, on July 10th, 25-year-old Gabor Roman tried to enter Mourinho's luxury house via the basement - while the Manchester United manage was inside the house, watching Portugal play France in the Euro 2016 Final. 


Per the source, Mourinho's maid spotted the man and yelled, causing him to flee - only to be stopped by a security guard. 

Apparently, Roman had been trying to open all of the house doors in the area by leaning on them with his shoulder. He was eventually spotted by the security guard and was reported to the local authorities.

Roman was quickly led away in handcuffs by police once they arrived on the scene as Mourinho and his Matilde Faria watched in awe from their window.

Roman was jailed for four weeks at Westminster Magistrates Court last Tuesday

In an interview with the Telegraph, an unnamed witness described the onlooking Mourinho as 'dumbfounded' that someone would try to rob him so blatantly.

"Jose looked dumbfounded," the passer-by said. "I don’t think it had registered with the guy [the burglar] he was trying to burgle the house of the world’s most famous football coach."

Gabor Roman was stopped by security and then arrested outside Jose's £25m home

The Telegraph reported that Roman has been sentenced to four weeks in prison after admitting to attempted burglary.

Mourinho did not make much of a stink about the ordeal, as his home nation Portugal went on to beat France in extra time of the Final to win their first ever major tournament, leading him to proudly hold up a Portugal scarf - which he captured on Instagram.

Just hours after the break-in a jubliant Jose celebrated Portugals Euro win and posted this pic on instagram

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