Manchester United: Mourinho 'should be sent to prison' — FIFPro lawyer

Maxime H. - jeudi 04 août 2016 70 Likes

José Mourinho should be sent to jail according to a FIFPro lawyer.

Due to his “clear bullying” of German midfielder Bastian Schweinsteiger, Manchester United manager José Mourinho should be sent to jail according to a member of the world players’ union, FIFPro.

This surprising attack has been made by Dejan Stefanovic, a Slovenian FIFPro member and president of the Slovenian Footballers’ and Sportsmen Union. He told the BBC World Service:

“In Slovenia, we would have indicted Mourinho and asked for the highest penalty - three years in prison. This is clearly meant to discourage Bastian.

“Mourinho is setting a bad example. I would take it to the ordinary court. In our case, the penal code is quite clear. If there is bullying and harassment, there's a prison sanction, a maximum of three years in prison.

“Schweinsteiger should turn to the Professional Footballers' Association and he should file a complaint and I would also seek a penalty for Mourinho.

“All the players of the first team have to train with the coaches of the first team at the same place, at the same time as all other team-mates, that's something that should be applied to each and every club and should be written within Fifa regulations.”

As they say on their website, « FIFPro is the worldwide representative organisation for all professional footballers; more than 65,000 players in total, male and female. The World Players’ Union currently has 58 national players’ associations as their members. Several candidate members and observers hope to join FIFPro in the near future.

« The mission ‘FIFPro supports players’ and our mission statement ‘FIFPro is the exclusive collective voice of the world’s professional footballers’ are key principles. These are the two guiding foundations that underpin FIFPro’s activities. »

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