Player admits he almost killed Zlatan Ibrahimovic with scissors!

Jonathan Tzvi Machlin - jeudi 14 juillet 2016 137 Likes

HOWEVER, in a recent interview, the retired 33-year-old striker Revealed His side of the controversial story.

Selon Sun Sport , Mido Was Interviewed for a Swedish documentary called "Becoming Zlatan", in the qui Egyptian footballer form Explained That He Was Upset He Was not given the start for Ajax in a game contre PSV Eindhoven.

"I was very upset I did not start That Game.

Though He Was Given a role as a substitute in the second half, the team Was already down 2-0, and with Zlatan Mido argued on the pitch.

"When I came on, We Were 2-0 down, I think, and I started arguing with Zlatan on the pitch.

"I was shouting at everyone and Zlatan Was shouting back at me."

Mido Explained That He Had after-the game scissors In His Hands for cutting the wrappings off de son ankles. That was When He Allegedly flung the scissors at Zlatan while He Was walking by, narrowly missing the Swedish striker but not the wall - and he made a crack in it.

"I Had scissors in my hand as I Was taking off the wrapping on my ankles. Ten minutes later, I Went into the shower and He Was sitting at the Jacuzzi. "

“We just looked at each other and started laughing. I said to Zlatan: ‘You know that I almost killed you?’ And he said: ‘Yeah, I know.’

The incident forced then-manager Ronald Koeman to axis Mido from the squad and ship _him_ off to Celta Vigo.

"You Do not Understand how people Were Following Me back in Egypt. I Was the only player from playing there at the top level.

"So Were people waiting for the Ajax game. Would They say: 'Ajax will play today, so we-have to sit and watch Mido.'

"All the coffee shops, the restaurants - everywhere was just waiting for the Ajax game.

"My attitude HAS always beens: 'If I'm not playing, you-have a personal problem with me.'

"When I got to the point Where I Had to fight a lot for my position, I handled things the wrong way."

We all Know That Zlatan Ibrahimovic Has the Ability to make people act in crazy ways, aim this story really takes the cake!

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