FIFA 17 Mobile App Launched To Download For Free

Eva Prokopová - mercredi 12 octobre 2016 38 Likes

Everyone celebrate. The new FIFA 17 app is now available... and for FREE!

Ever wondered how you can play your FIFA 17 while at work, or when you are at a truly boring party and you just wish they had some XBox at home? Well fear no more! EA Sports got you covered. They have released today the FIFA 17 mobile app that you can download for free. 

It's a standalone game from FIFA 17 - you don't need the new Xbox One or PlayStation 4 release to enjoy FIFA Mobile. Some of the notable FIFA Mobile features are:

Attack Mode - A turn-based game mode in which players compete on attacking scenarios. Scoring goals is the aim and you can climb the divisions by doing so.

Leagues - Create a league between friends or join a public one, competing for bragging rights and the top spot. You can play inter-league championships or cooperate to take on other leagues in Tournaments.

Plans - This feature allows you to shed the items you don't want for in-game rewards. It's intended to simplify the crafting of extensive squads.

Now enjoy though make sure you still pay attention to real life every now and then

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