WATCH: The New Football Manager 2017 Trailer Is Finally Here

Eva Prokopová - vendredi 14 octobre 2016 20 Likes

Take a first look at all the brand new feature of this addictive game.

The infamous relationship wrecking game is back and this time it has some new feature you can see in the video below. There will be new animations, improved AI decision-making and enhanced visuals. The latest installment includes a new camera angle, low down behind the goal and close-up so you can follow the goal-mouth action easily. 

Players can keep abreast of fan opinions and what the media and other clubs are saying on the hot topics, and about your own performance.

Dealing with transfers and contracts is more authentic with the addition of pre-contract conversations for players. And you have the chance to sell your club to a new player. These are of course only some of the new features revealed. There is much more to come. So if you are already addicted to this game get ready for November 4th.

We can't wait!

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